Boys Varsity Track, Girls Varsity Track · 2019 Conference Indiana Track & Field Information and Results

2019 Conference Indiana Track & Field Championships

 Bloomington High School North will host the 2019 Conference Indiana Track & Field Championships on Friday, April 26th at Ralph Sieboldt Track.  Teams competing will be Bloomington North, Bloomington South, Columbus North, Southport, Terre Haute North, and Terre Haute South.  Field events will begin at 5:00 and running events will begin at 5:35.  Click the links below for more information.

2019 Conference Indiana Time Schedule:  2019 Conference Indiana Time Schedule

Conference Indiana Track & Field Records:   CONFERENCE INDIANA MEET RECORDS

2019 Conference Indiana Heat Sheets:  2019-conference-indiana-track-field-heat-sheets2


Results:  Real-time results will be available during the meet. Click on the links below as events are completed.

Girls 4 x 800 Meter Relay:  girls 4 x 800

Boys 4 x 800 Meter Relay:  boys 4 x 800

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles:  girls 100 meter hurdles

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles:  boys 110 meter hurdles

Girls 100 Meter Dash:  girls 100 meter dash

Boys 100 Meter Dash:  boys-100-meter-dash1

Girls 1600 Meter Run:  girls 1600 meter run

Boys 1600 Meter Run:  boys 1600 meter run

Girls 4 x 100 Meter Relay:  girls 4 x 100

Boys 4 x 100 Meter Relay:  boys 4 x 100

Girls 400 Meter Dash:  girls 400 meter dash

Boys 400 Meter Dash:  boys 400 meter dash

Girls 300 Meter Hurdles:  girls 300 meter hurdles

Boys 300 Meter Hurdles:  boys 300 meter hurdles

Girls 800 Meter Run:  girls 800 meter run

Boys 800 Meter Run:  boys 800 meter run

Girls 200 Meter Dash:  girls 200 meter dash

Boys 200 Meter Dash:  boys 200 meter dash

Girls 3200 Meter Run:  girls 3200 meter run

Boys 3200 Meter Run:  boys 3200 meter run

Girls 4 x 400 Meter Relay:  girls 4 x 400

Boys 4 x 400 Meter Relay:  boys 4 x 400

Girls Long Jump:  girls long jump

Boys Long Jump:  boys long jump

Girls High Jump:  girls high jump

Boys High Jump:  boys-high-jump1

Girls Discus:  girls discus

Boys Discus:  boys discus

Girls Shot Put:  girls shot put

Boys Shot Put:  boys shot put

Girls Pole Vault:  girls pole vault

Boys Pole Vault:  boys pole vault

Final Results:  final results